Resilient Futures implements the evidence-informed HEARTS framework that is an equity-focused, whole school/childhood center approach to promote success and resilience for trauma-impacted youth that was developed in 2008 at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) by Joyce Dorado, Ph.D., and Miriam Martinez.

The HEARTS framework is grounded in neuroscience, resilience, and attachment theory focusing on the protective factors that build resilience. It supports long-term individual and systemic change by creating school-wide literacy of the impact of trauma, while embedding universal supports to foster resilience. Click HERE to read the peer-reviewed article on the success of the HEARTS program.

The Core Guiding Principles are:  

Understanding Trauma & Stress

Cultural Humility & Equity

Safety & Predictability

Compassion & Dependability

Resilience & Social-Emotional Learning

Empowerment & Collaboration