Resilient Futures is a women-owned non-profit with a central belief in the strength of creating meaningful partnerships that can collectively work to help individuals and communities thrive. As a commitment to our values, Resilient Futures utilizes a person-centered approach to support schools and youth-serving communities on their journey of becoming trauma-informed, culturally responsive and inclusive of all members.

At Resilient Futures, we think about adversity and trauma through the lens of resilience. Trauma is an experience that can leave one feeling hopeless and alone. The Phoenix flower, our logo reflects resilience through endurance, courage, and the ability to rise under difficult circumstances. This flower can be revived from a completely dehydrated state with just a few drops of water on a shriveled leaf. As an agency we believe in the power of compassion and connection as those drops of water and envision a world where resilience is fostered across all classrooms, schools, and families.

Resilient Futures’ founding partners bring a range of experiences, knowledge and passion for working with children, adolescents, and the systems that support them.